Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our tentative plans!

Monday is Ulises big test day! He will be taking the GRE exam for entrance into a PhD program in Civil, Marine and Structural Engineering in the states. He is graduating from the Politecnic University of Catalunya this summer and now he is applying to study for a PhD in Universities like California Irvine, Texas A&M, Colorado University in Boulder, BYU in Utah, University of Deleware  and... another one that he hasn't chosen yet. Maybe he will send out applications to a few other places but these few are where he has set his sights. (because  either their programs are great or because there are generous scholarships available to Spanish citizens)

Honestly, It's a bit scary for me to mention it because there is the possibility that we make all these plans to move back to the USA and start a new chapter in our lives only to be rejected and stay in Spain another year or so. But I wanna put it out there so you all know what we are planning on and to give you the opportunity to pray for us if you  need someone to pray for.

I am really proud of Ulises and all the hard work he has been doing. He has had a really good year academically. He is doing well in University trying to get his final project and thesis and final classes completed. Next semester he will student teach a few hours as well! In addition to his responsibilities at school he had been studying for the TOEFL ( English language exam for entrance into US universities) which he rocked, and also has been studying for the GRE which he will take tomorrow.

And he is in the Bishopric at church...

And he teaches early morning seminary 4 days a week....

Not to mention his needy wife that he is so good at taking care of.

I am doing pretty well. I am bringing home the bread while Ulises does.... everything else. I have been given better ($) English teaching jobs this year, and many of them are actually legal. It's an interesting erm...'system' here. Even though I am legal to work, some of my employers pay me under the table for half of my hours because they don't wanna pay my taxes. I can argue with them about it and lose my job, or I can take what they give me. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do in such an environment.

Some nights I teach class until 9:30 at night. I get home around ten, stuff my face with food, sleep for a few hours before I have to catch my morning train at 6:45 am. Not my favorite thing to do. But this year I am working for more money and only work 2 Saturdays a month instead of each Saturday. It makes a big difference in recuperating over the weekend! This year's schedule certainly does have its pros and cons but luckily I can support our family with my one income and Ulises can study and concentrate on these next few important steps. We have always been able to clothe, feed and shelter ourselves and we are so grateful for that!

We also feel blessed to have scraped enough money together to go to Uruguay this Christmas! Ulises dad is already there and his mom will fly down a week or two before we do. They are helping clean and sell their properties there and move the grandparents to Spain where the whole family is. Ulises grandparents are so old and really need help and care as they advance in years. So Ulises and I will go there December 17th - January 9th and help with that process of moving and also enjoy probably one of the only opportunities to go to Uruguay. Ulises hasn't been there in 7 years. He has friends to see and places to visit! AND I GET TO CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY ON THE BEACH EATING CANTALOUPE. I don't know if I will ever get that opportunity again!

By the time we return it will be back to the daily grind and also the Grad school acceptance waiting game.

Before we come back to the states *fingers crossed* my sisters Rachel and Liz and my cousins Carynn and husband Scott will come and visit us here in Barcelona. So if you want a  free couch to sleep on and enjoy a free tour by yours truly, Plan your trip here before next summer!

And just because no blog post is complete with out some pictures-- enjoy some of our family Photos from October! Courtesy of Johnny!