Sunday, August 5, 2012


So I got married! We got married!


So let's start at the very begining: Ulises and I  were married in a Civil Ceremony in Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain on June 16th. I was pretty emotional the week leading up to it. I was so worried that this civil ceremony was becoming some big celebration and I didn't want to make a big deal about it because our Temple Sealing that was to take place the following week was where we wanted to focus. As the civil ceremony approached the people invited grew from close family members to extended family and members of the church. Then Ulises' family started planning an open house after the ceremony, a toast with some (non alcoholic) wine. I grew more and more agitated and bothered. I didn't want the focus here. But after much crying praying and talking to my parents I realized I was being irrational. This new, lovely family of mine wanted to celebrate something important and why was I being so stubborn? Even if we celebrated something small here in Spain after the civil ceremony  that wouldn't decrease the import of the sealing ceremony and the festivities in Utah. At the time I had a hard time seeing it though. I guess I wanted to make it the least important part of our wedding because if it were something important and to be celebrated-- then it would be even more painful that my own parents couldn't be there. But I talked with my Dad and he said some things that opened my eyes. He told me that so few people understand the importance of a marriage commitment  these days that even our civil ceremony is something that should be celebrated. And that I should show respect to those wanting to wish us well and celebrate with us. Common sense, right? I just was thinking with my emotions. But with my dad saying this he not only spoke reason to my mind, but it felt like he was giving his consent to celebrate without them-- that it was all ok. And that once we came to Utah we would celebrate the next step in our life!

So we were married! And it was wonderful. My parents and siblings and Katy all tuned in on a google+ group chat! It was funny. It was also strange to get married in Spanish and  read some vow in Spanish. haha! We then had a toast at his home afterwards with church members and family. And they were so wonderful and sweet! I was sorry I had initially reacted emotionally and  I gave my apologies to his parents. And it was a good day!

Then we spend the whole night packing and preparing to fly to the USA. We flew to New York and had a day lay over. We spent some time in the city with his cousins and Uncle who live there. They were kind and took us to Time Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park and other places! We then flew to Utah and were received by my parents. A day later we went and picked up Ulises' parents and sister from the airport. The Dodge house was FULL! My sister Sarah and all her kids were there as well as all of us!

Thursday we were married! I know you want to hear all the details, right? ....No that is a little boring. I will have you watch our video instead :

Highlights from the day:

  • Ulises forgetting his temple recommend that morning.
  • Cheesy lines from temple workers: "You are the most beautiful couple! Can you stand in my living room so I have an example of beauty to see every day?"
  • Wearing the wedding/temple dress my grandmother made in the 1930's that both she and my mother wore for their weddings. Also wearing her veil.
  • Ulises and I making fools of ourselves as we tried to dance a waltz that we didn't even practice once
  • My nieces and nephews in cute matching clothes.
  • My grandparents coming
  • The wedding cake my sister, Rachel, made for us
  • our car was decorated so beautifully
  • the family dancing around the car before we drove off
  • my husband  ( he was so cute)
  • celebrating our marriage sealing surrounded by our family and friends
So then we spent the summer in Utah. We had a couple nights at a hotel after the sealing and then spent the rest of the week at my Uncle Richards cabin in Utah. It was a nice get away. Then we spent the rest of the month of July in my parents basement. The time we spent there was so important and so precious to me. At times we felt like we were running in circles spending money we didn't have ( which is true) but we were investing time in each other and in my family. We were filling the reserves because we won't be back in Utah for a while!

Ulises helped my dad with projects. We had BBQ's went to baseball games. Played baseball games. Enjoyed Fireworks. Went to St. George and visited with my grandparents. My sisters and mom and I went to see Wicked. We went to the home ward where everyone fell in love with Ulises. We shared time with my parents and siblings and had a great time. I cried like a baby when we had to leave. But its ok!

Now we are here in Spain. My sisters Rachel and Sarah will join us for the wedding dinner we will have here on the 14th. That was a nice surprise that both of them wanted to come! It makes living far away a little easier when you know that loved ones are anxious to see you!

Now we are on an apartment search ( living with Ulises parents in this apartment is a little frustrating-- so wish us luck) We think we found one and we hope to move in this week. I also am getting my work lined up for the fall and he is preparing for school. We are living on love and Faith and little of anything else. But we are happy! We feel blessed, and have hope for the future!

I will write again

besos from Spain!

p.s here are links to wedding photos on facebook: