Saturday, June 29, 2013

Year ONE

This Photo was taken about a year ago at our Temple sealing (Marriage). Right before Ulises and I really started our lives together. One year really does go by so quickly.

I had NO idea what I was getting into! 

But I mean that in the best way.
I have learned many important things from my sweet husband in the one year that we have been married. 
First, I didn't realize I married an angel. Now to many of you that might seem feminine but the more I think about Ulises and his spirit and who he is, I see that he is an angel on earth and I am so grateful everyday for that. This world is saturated with men who feel that they must prove themselves through their  physical strength, intelligence, abilities, accomplishments or money. My Ulises spends his time smiling and serving others, being sweet and gentle with children and babies, serving in our church with joy, dedicating himself to his studies, and laughing and enjoying the beauties of life. He is so gentle, kind and giving. He is a true friend to many and a shining example of meekness and kindness. He makes me and my happiness his priority. I am so blessed. Our world could use more men like Ulises.

And for fun, let's list some things that we have learned about each other through this first year of  marriage:
  • Ulises think's I don't know how to brush my teeth. Last time we were at the dentist and he asked them if brushing in circles was ok ( the method I use) because he was sure it was wrong. We were told my method was just fine. 1 point Mary!
  • Ulises leaves the milk out ALL THE TIME. 
  • He hates it when I try and "force" things open or closed. He is constantly reminding me to look and see how something functions or if something is blocking the way. And it's true. sometimes I just want to rip things open without seeing how it works first.
    • which often leads to me using my teeth to open things, which he also hates
  • Ulises likes separate courses, seperated food, and presentation in cooking ( I guess all that time waiting at restraunts is rubbing off on him) I prefer to make casseroles ( I grew up in a mormon community in Utah, that's how we eat!)
  • He is a really good cook.
  • Ulises doesn't trust me with some household chores. We have a new wood floor in our apartment and he doesn't let me mop it cause he is afraid I will damage the wood. This is both good and bad. Good because I don't have to do it! Bad because it takes him forever to get around to it.
  • I talk in my sleep. The first two times it was rather frightening because both times I mentioned knives. Another time I suggested that Ulises could have been eaten by puppies.

So let's look at some pictures, shall we?

June 21st 2013. Our anniversary dinner ( lunch) at a Moroccan Restaurant! It was located in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona and it was very delicious. Ulises phone has other pictures... hmm
This is a wreathe I made for our front door. Our friends Katy and Nathan  have an "I" on their front door to their home and Ulises was always jealous. So I took the first letter of our surname and made this wreathe! You can't believe how many different stores I had to go to to get the materials. And while I was running around town to get the materials half the shops closed for Siesta! SO FRUSTRATING. Give me Hobby Lobby!!

This is the other gift I gave Ulises for our Anniversary along with the wreathe. It's a photo album full of pictures of our first year together. I know we have  a lot of them online but I think I want to PRINT some each year to have something tangible to look at. It's a different experience flipping through an album.

And Ulises got me this lovely charm bracelet! It was a complete surprise and I LOVE it! It is a perfect first anniversary gift because we can add on to it each year. So thoughtful! The first three charms he chose are a graduation cap, our wedding bands, and our motorbike!
This is the cake topper from our Wedding Reception in Spain. Ulises' aunt Claudia made it. It was even better after one year! We will eat our other cake topper next time we visit the states--it is sitting in my sister's freezer in Utah.  I am excited for that one, too!

Ulises prepared a lovely picnic for us once he finished his last University exam! He then took us to the Natural History and Science museum. Having him out of school has made our lives so much happier! I love the extra time he has.

he bought a papaya and we both HATED it.

preparing to eat our picnic
This is BBQ lamb that we had at a family BBQ. last week

And this? Well I just bought a new swimsuit and was excited about it so I wanted to show the blogging world.... heheh

And now just a couple pictures from our wedding one year ago. Time has flown by and I am so happy I married this wonderful sweet boy. You will notice that he had a beard in the wedding pictures and now he is baby faced. He and I both prefer the beard but his current work requires him to shave. Once he can, he will grow that beard back! I look like a cougar now that he is so baby-faced!

 So here's to one more year with this wonderful man! We hope for many happy memories in the next year. But I know this first year will be especially memorable.