Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas and our now 8 month old baby

Ulises, Walter and I went out to Utah for Christmas! It was great to be with my whole family. We played piƱata and ate delIcious food! We saw my sister and her family and they meet Walter for the first time. Walter also met great grandma Dodge. He met his new bff Ephraim, too!

He also met Santa

Walter and Ulises got  matching pj pants for Christmas.

Walter was also spoiled by aunt Liz and he and Ulises got matching ties! Matchy-matchy!!

He got a beard hat and took a picture with his bull fighter hat with grandpa. And he also got a hat from Katy- the red elf looking one! 

That kid does hats!

Now we are back in Colorado and working hard. Walter just tuned 8 months old and a few days afterwards, he got his first tooth bud! He isn't quite crawling but it will be any time now! He also started swimming lessons! He is getting used to the water and his instructor. She is sweet with him and he is 1 million times better off with her than me. I haven't been able to swim well since I was a kid!

He needs to learn for when we go back to Spain and he swims in the sea!

Now, enjoy some Walter pictures