Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Beach and other things

So as many of you know, Barcelona is located very close to the coast. I am living in a part of Barcelona called Castelldefels. Everyone says that Castelldefels is one of the most beautiful sections of the city because it is situated so close to the mountains and the beach. It only takes 15 minutes to run to the beach. I haven't done it yet, but I think the distance to the side of the mountain is probably 25 minutes.

The beaches are white and beautiful. The sun isn't too hot and the water sparkles! On windy days people get out their boats and their parachutes and ski on the water. While I mostly go to the beach to have my run, I have gone to the beach a few times to swim.

The beaches here in Spain are....different. People go to the beach with their families and they behave like they are at home! When I told my mother about the toplessness of the people she was absolutely shocked. She asked "Aren't there some beaches where they don't allow topless people?" and the answer is No. Its socially acceptable here and it would be strange to ask someone to put on a top (although many times I am tempted to do just that!). While I was 'weirded out' by it at first, now it is easier to ignore. Some things are still a little shocking though. It seems no matter how old or overweight you are, toplessness is acceptable. That is harder to ignore *shudder*

Can you believe some people even wear thongs? eww. That is never ok.

Yesterday we went out as a Relief Society to the beach to do Yoga. Niza (Ulises 20 year old little sister) and I were the only young ones. 4 other older women came. It was a lot of fun and we followed one of them as our Yoga instructor (Although I'm pretty sure she had NO idea what she was doing, it was still fun). It was surprising to me that even among the relief society sisters, string bikini's were normal (remember how I said they were old? and did I also mention overweight?) It was a little strange and to be honest, somewhat disheartening. Old habits die hard and many of these women are converts who bring with them old habits. But this isn't something insignificant or trivial. I want them to know this is one way we can really shine as a light to others.

I guess this situation with modesty has had me thinking a lot about how I will raise my children. While I think there is nothing indecent, wrong or sexual about a naked baby on the beach or kids running around without shirts, to avoid potential problems with my kids when they are making the transition from childhood to adolescents... I will just be sure they are always dressed appropriately.

if any of you have thoughts on the topic, please leave a comment!

So what else have I been up to?

Well, I am learning spanish slowly. I am beginging to get better at communicating with Ulises family. (but maybe that is because we are getting better at charades). I need to be more dedicated studying Spanish, that's for sure! Today Daniel (Ulises dad who is the bishop) told me that I will be speaking in church the last Sunday in August! I'll certainly need a little more Spanish under my belt to accomplish that! My theme?.... Temples and Eternal Marriage... ugh! Lovely, isn't it....
Members of the church when they see young couples are no more subtle here then they are in the USA

Other exciting things--Ulises and I went out dancing this Friday. We left the house at 2:00 am-- that's when the party starts here! It was fun. We went salsa dancing with some friends from his work. We didn't stay long but it was fun. It actually wasn't that different from the salsa dancing that was in Provo (well, maybe the girls were more scantily clad).

Ulises also took me shopping this week! He is great and always wants to make me feel loved and gets me some gifts occasionally. Just a week before I got here he ordered a dress for me that I had seen online. (I wore it to church today and love it. ) But this week when we went shopping.... it was a different story. He got me a T-shirt with Yogi Bear on the belly and then the ugliest pants I have ever seen in my life. First, the T-shirt isn't bad at all. It's just more casual than I am used to wearing. But it's cute..... But the pants... I have no idea how I let him get those!! He thinks I look amazing in them and (this I took a little hard) actually thinks they are better looking than most of the other clothes I own! (ouch) When he handed me the pants to put on, I thought it was a joke.... but he loves 'em! I let him get them for me because they were on a super sale. But it isn't just him...his sister and mom also say they look good (they are all delusional). So we will see. I might wear them here, but don't worry friends, you will never have to worry about me wearing them in the states. I don't want to offend the American People.

What do they look like?

take a look at this picture which is similar to what they look like:

mine are black but they have the suspenders and the pleats like this picture... but mine also have a fabric CUFF at the bottom of each leg... like the cuff on sweaters... yeah, super sexy I know.

ok well, I am willing to be totally wrong. Do the pants look as horrible as I think they do? Be honest. ( least they are modest....)


  1. Mary in suspenders... this I HAVE to see! I want to see you wear them! Are lots of girls wearing them there? I have seen them on runways, but never in person here. Apparently they are trendy, but a trend that most average girls don't wear. I wouldn't dare wear them unless I had a sexy skinny body like you, dear.

  2. You have to remember that European fashion (as I'm sure you are well aware) is much more extreme than the US. But really, I think those pants are quite cute! (That is, with out seeing them on you. . .) Wear them with confidence and no one will question them, they will wonder where they can find a pair for themselves! :)

  3. Yes, they look terrible. I say that as an American. I'm sure to Europeans, they are dead sexy.
    -Danny Potter

  4. I actually like the pants! Seriously!!! With the right top under the suspernders and some really cute flats, they are cute!n They aren't sexy, but I don't think sexy is really the trend right now. Can you bring me back pair? (Or give me the ones you have that you don't like?)